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We've got Donut Slinger Download Cards!

Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our team at Craft Brewed Games wanted to create something to make it possible to reach out to more potential users of our Donut Slinger game. Our designers created a business-card sized handout that included graphics from the game, a simple summary, as well as where you can download the game.

We are so excited about our recent launch! Working hard on this game for over a year has allowed us to focus on a strong marketing scheme so that people want to play Donut Slinger right off the bat. These cards will be placed around local coffee shops, ice cream shops, restaurants, and any other places that will kindly place these on their countertops and bulletin boards. Make sure to grab one if you see them, and tell us where you found yours on our Twitter @CraftBrewGames or Facebook!

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