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We've got Business Cards & Stickers!

Posted on Friday, March 20, 2015

What's new with Craft Brewed Games? Well first of all we made business cards - just in time for our game designer Eric to bring to PAX East in Boston. We highlighted our mascot "Col. Joystick" of course, as well as incororating some fun design elements to draw out our tagline and important information.

Now we couldn't stop just there. Craft Brewed Games officially has stickers of our logo and our soon-to-be mobile game Donut Slinger! Take a look at how they are slowly spreading through the campus of RIT - and make sure to take a picture if you spot one and tag us in it if you do.

Want to get to know us more? Check out Donut Slinger on our site and be sure to follow Craft Brewed Games on Facebook and Twitter for news, updates and more!


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